Tuesday, 18 August 2015

The Finishing Line is in Sight!

Image by Dark Power of FreeImages.Com
The extended silence from the rickety edifice known as Marlowe Manor has had a few causes.  One such is that I have been focussing most of my writing efforts on my novel.   It suddenly dawned on me a week or two ago that I was unexpectedly within a couple of chapters of finishing it.   
I instantly panicked and the procrastination* demon moved in and in the time since then I've managed about half my usual output.  
Panic notwithstanding though I am working to finish my first draft which will be the first time I've ever completed a novel-length work.  Once that's done I intend to follow the advice given by Stephen King in On Writing and put it aside for a while and start something new.   Actually instead of something new I will pick up a former work that I abandoned halfway through having been convinced that it was utterly dire and without merit, but on re-reading recently turned out not to have been too bad.
*"I don't acknowledge procrastination as a problem by the way, I just see it as delegating work to my future selves" - some wise wit on Facebook