Thursday, 27 August 2015


Today I was tempted to switch my blog provider to Sitebuilder.Com

I wasn't actually unhappy with blogger, but I was looking around for something unconnected and saw the rave reviews that sitebuilder got.  I mean *really* rave reviews and such great features for a free site.

It did look good indeed so I had a tinker with it and the templates are spiffy and clean and very nicely done which appealed to me.   But the basic package turned out to cost about £9.00 per month which I wasn't really happy to pay so I shut the page down...

and a pop up window offered me a discount down to £4.99.  Still not interested so I shut down again..

and a pop up window offered me a discount down to £2.99 per month.

You know, I thought, I could go for that, so I signed up and paid by PayPal.  Hurrah and huzzah I was now the proud possessor of a new blog site with some spiffy features.

I was also a few minutes later the proud possessor of an email from PayPal advising me that which I had indeed just paid for a year's subscription at £2.99 per month a recurring payment had been set up for £11.00 per month starting automatically when the first 12 months were up...   That's £2.00 per month MORE than the original starting price of the undiscounted offer.

Presumably this was some administrative error.   It would surely not be the case that a company just created an overinflated charge to run automatically without notifying the customer and only kick in after a year when presumably the blog would have lots of content and emotional investment.   That would be the action of a shady disreputable organisation full of shysters and sharp dealers and Sitebuilder.Com isn't like that.

I cancelled the recurring payment at once (good old PayPal) and have given Sitebuilder the news that some dreadful mistake has occurred.   I bet they'll be glad to find that out and put things right, eh?