Thursday, 15 December 2016


To err is human, to forgive divine
But I’m no god, no angel, and therefore
I’ll own the frail humanity that’s mine
Eschew forgiveness and admit that flaw
Amazing grace is offered, but you know
If what you did was part of His great plan
Then call on Him, for Him to mercy show,
For He’s amazing.  I am just a man.

Thursday, 8 December 2016

A Light Motive

Old demons never die, they simply dim their flames
And decompose through all the crime scene stages
Righteous hatred stiffening in the rigor of history
Prodded and examined, Questioned and challenged,
The images of fire debated and heat’s meaning discussed.
Then decomposition sets in and infernal foulness
Mulches down in parody and meme's rich loam
And makes of slicing stamping real, a simple word
A name to slander any, every, thing disliked,
Dust, then, to dust in sleeping eyes and demons wake
Unnoticed and unjust they change their name and sing
The same old songs, bright torchlit rallies seen anew
Men in rows, coloured spectacles where e-books burn
And the old fire kindles and liberty turns to face
The dawn with open, readied, leveled arms.

Jody Call

Drumbeats tonight and every night
Distant enough that you can lie to yourself
That it’s within you
Hypertense blood fleeing the pounding rhythm
Corpuscular refugees surge and rest, surge and rest,
Fading, flagging, carried in the current panic
Until depleted coming round again, again, again
To the drump, drump, drump
Of the remorseless heart and its everlong cadence,
Drum of the body politic, marking days gone and going

Bye, Koo.

Counting syllables
Does not make a haiku, pal
There's much more to them.