Thursday, 6 February 2014


(a writing prompt from Write on Edge)

The bells of St Brigit’s are calling tonight
Recalling a trio of baptisms made
One not long past springtime three boys all in white
Soon muddied and grinning they grew and they played
In green hills and wildwoods, valley and stream
Three bold brave adventurers seeking their fame
Then home for their supper, a snug bed and dream
And each new day shines brightly,  life is a game
The bells recall years far too fast as they pass
And three called away, told to fight the good fight
Foreign fields, noble causes, and dreams drowned in gas
The boys of St Brigit’s are falling tonight


  1. Wow...such a powerful punch with so few words. Brilliant!

  2. I really like the way that the first and last lines encapsulate the story.

  3. The very first words you added had me holding my breath. I was just sure we were headed for something heart-wrenching in the end. How lovely, and how sad all at once. Neatly wrapped up by the St. Brigit frame--very well done.

  4. nicely done - all in so few words. I like how the last line builds on the first bringing it to culmination

  5. Poignant, beautiful. The last line is the perfect frame.

  6. Oh, Thomas. This is just heartbreaking. So much poetry from this prompt, I'm delighted.

  7. This didn't go the way I expected. The beginning, so full of hope and youth and while I expected them to grow and may falter in their friendship, I wasn't expecting war. Beautifully done.