Friday 2 November 2018

Moving the Manor - update your links

Halloween has been and gone and all the strangers have visited the door of Marlowe Manor for the last time, their costumes charming and distressing by turn.    Now is the time for me to board up the doors and windows and leave the old place to the ghosts who prowl and moan among the creaking boards.

My blog is now moving to a new home, a brightly lit and spacious property sold to me by a property dealer with a cast in one eye and a shifty expression.   It was a bargain and entirely free of curses and ghosts he assured me, as he stood carefully in front of an old wooden sign announcing "Ancient Burial Ground" and bearing the scrawled picture of a skull and crossbones in dark and faded red paint.

The new address is in the name of my nom-de-guerre Finn Cullen and can be located at

Please update your address books, electronic memory devices or tattooed slaves with the new address and I look forward to receiving you there for new poetry, fiction, gaming insights and updates on my work in progress novel The Crow Journal a tale of Victorian sorcery and Faerie horror.

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