Tuesday, 4 October 2016

Anathema Drumbeat

In the dusty caverns of the temple, in the burned out ashes of the hall
In the empty echoing of ages we stand and smile and silence takes it all
Through the endless empty march of seconds, Through the days so brilliant and bleak
Through the nights and through the days so foolish, are we quite so foolish as to speak?

Where’s the voice that once proclaimed the sunlight, Where’s the hand that framed the tyger’s fire
Where’s the blood the drowned a deadly serpent?  Who’s the fool who dares to thus enquire?
We will raise our voices in the silence, we will raise our hands to show our cause,
We will shed our blood if blood needs shedding, fear and fright will never give us pause

We have something shining and surpassing, We have life that quickens every heart.
We have that within that passeth knowledge, We have light and darkness. We have art.

(For Studio30Plus and their prompt "Anathema")


  1. This is quite a good piece. I love how you increase the tension as the poem reads. You use great imagery. I like it a lot.

    Good to see you still posting. I miss the old Trifecta days.

  2. A rousing battle cry... "We have light and darkness."