Thursday, 11 April 2013

Arid Conjuration

When the days are endless dreary, and the nights are long and dry,
And the shape of what you have is dark, unclear,
It’s there beyond the eye of mind and hiding, God knows why,
And never to be finished, that’s the fear
When you yearn to walk the path again, to blaze a brand new trail
But your feet upon the way are stuck and mired
When each moment is a torment, in despair that you will fail
And you want to walk the path but you’re so tired

Each second that is passing, it will never come again
And every word unwritten is  a crime
There’s lives that need their telling, in their triumph and their pain
Each moment’s silence spends their precious time
The doors seem to be closing, and the light is failing fast
And the pallid desert’s barren on the screen
But I’ll walk the path, I’ll walk it, till the desert I have passed
And all the things that could be, all have been.