Sunday, 17 March 2013


Half the problem is of course momentum.   Or in this case Nomentum.   Nomentum builds up day by day in the everyday tiredness and stresses of what I laughingly think of as real life.   Poor health, insomnia, a workplace full of stressy stressy moments and a thousand and one other distractions all conspire to sap strength, erode confidence and make me want to spend my spare time in recreation and mindless distraction rather than sit down and write.   Insidious stuff this Nomentum, since it is the sitting down and writing that will give me the fulfilment and self confidence to shake off the other crap that is weighing me down - both in the sense of immediate boosts and gratification of having done something I like doing and know I should be doing, and also in the long term when I actually accomplish my goals.

Nomentum though is there like a cloud, a particularly heavy cloud draping over my shoulders and weighing me down.   It's time to get rid of it though and that will take (heaven forbid) effort.

Lyssa has suggested I sign  up for sites with writing competitions, short story sites and so on.  I've found a couple and may well do it - in the past I've been able to produce some pretty good work on minimal prompts from the most unlikely sources just for the buzz of getting it done and the feedback that follows.   That may well work here too, since activity builds up Momentum which in turn dissipates Nomentum.

At the very least I hope to post here more regularly and may stick up some snippets of writing just to keep myself busy.