Sunday, 21 April 2013

"At the Sign of the White Hart" - Modern fantasy serial

Kadogan glared at the head of the brownies.  "What ever happened to being paid with a saucer of milk?" He demanded.
"It's the going rate, your lordship." Gavin Brown didn't look apologetic.  "£100 per week for the shop, £100 per week for the garden, and you get a full Brownie job - no messing, no corners cut, just good service.  And that's preferential rate for elfen, your lordship.  I'd charge double for a standard job."

Lyssa Medana, a good friend and author of the frankly magnificent modern fantasy novel The Forgotten Village has just started a new serial on her blog.   At the Sign of the White Hart deals with the trials, tribulations and complications that arise when a mortal woman goes into business with an immortal Elfen and they set up a mystical supplies shop in York.      It's a great read that will be compiled for sale when complete but is now completely free to read, and I can't recommend it highly enough.

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